Laser as an Alternative Treatment

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Depression and Anxiety Support
  • Stress and Anxiety Support
  • Dejando de Fumar
  • Soporte para Depression y Ansiedad
  • Soporte para Tension y Ansiedad

We offer packages in English and Spanish that combine low-level laser (Cold Laser) with vitamins and herbal medication, along with psychotherapeutic interventions.

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We offer Laser Alternative Treatment weekly and weekend (limited) appointments to accommodate your busy schedule. Call to make an appointment Monday through Friday office hours, or leave a message that it will be answered back as soon as possible. Se habla Español.

Procedures are performed by a specialized Physician and a specialized Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.

Florida State Laser Regulation/Policy/Position Statements

Adm Rules 64B8-56.002
Statute Tile 32, Chapter 501, Subsection 501.122

TheFlorida Board of Medicine considers the use of high powered lasers (all Class IIIa, IIIb, and IV lasers as designated by the FDA) to be the practice of medicine.

These devices including low-level laser, should be used only by physicians, advanced registered nurse practitioners, and physician assistants following the appropriate state regulations.


How it works:

  • Application of Low Level Laser to stimulate specific points on the patient’s ears, face, and hands to release the bodys natural chemicals which help to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking cessation (endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, and nor-epinephrine). Usually, one or two treatments are enough for you to stop smoking.
  • Psycho- Education to address the negative effects of cigarettes in your health and life.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral reinforcement to help you to improve your positive thinking and to allow you to make the necessary lifestyle changes.
  • Written literature with treatment recommendations and a support system in place to prevent relapses.


Improve your Health, Prevent Chronic and Malignant Conditions, Improve your Family and Friends Health, Stop Feeling Guilty, and at the same time SAVE a great deal of MONEY that you are wasting by buying cigarettes or tobacco products. STOP THE ADDICTION NOW!


  • Novelty treatment that uses the benefits of Low-Level Laser Therapy to stimulate auricular points for relaxation, and to decrease anxiety and sadness. The laser increases the release of the bodys natural “feel good” chemicals without taking any medication.
  • A combination of self-relaxation and healing music throughout the sessions.
  • In some cases one treatment allows the person to feel relaxed. However, we recommend at least five treatments for optimal results.
  • Optional Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy (8 to 12 weeks).

Your Mental Health is a very important part of your normal functioning.

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